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Host Families

We have a friendly team of over 100 local families hosting our foreign students.
The majority of the students come back again and again, and request to stay in “their” families.
Would you like to join in and enrich your cultural experience at our expense?
LETS Ipswich is a language school welcoming students from various countries and we need
families just like yours to show them some classic English hospitality! Making students
part of your family, you can make friends for life from all over the world.

Please contact us for details# Some comments from the host families:
We have enjoyed having students from Russia and Kazakhstan and would especially
appreciate it if next year Polina and Nikita, should they decide to return to England
again, they stay with us again.

Many thanks,
Andy and Lyn

I had a lovely time with all the students this season.
The girls were great to have around, fun and energetic. We cooked together some times and had
long conversations, a good first experience of having girl students. I wish them all success and look
forward to next year.

All the Best,

The boys were lovely and we enjoyed having them immensely!
They were truly part of the family..we were called mother, mum, brother, father and even baba once!
They even made us posters - "best friend" for Zaike and "best family" for us.. with "I will remember
you forever" on them....with the promise to try and come back next year!
Thank you!

Laurena, Heersh and Zaike